Wednesday, 14 November 2012

About us

At the beginning of 2011 I recieved news that would change my life forever. my then boyfriend and i (ooh naughty naughty) were expecting our first child.

We then went on to becoming engaged and planning our dream wedding in 5 short weeks(more on that in a later post) and honeymooning in the beautiful Mauritius for 8 days before we welcomed a perfect baby boy by the name of Jordan Victor Smith who arrived on the 5 of July at 8:18am weighing a tiny 2.84kg, 10 fingers, 10 toes and and a pair of the most beautiful blue eyes.

right there and then i could safely say my life was complete, i had married the love of my life and given birth to an angel.and now we are busy fulfilling another aspect of our lives - something that iv always wanted to do. build a home.

So July 2012 thats just what we set out to do. With much excitement,anticipation and Faith we started building our home with MINIMAL finances.

About 5 or so years ago my husband, along with his brother and father bought this beautiful piece of land in PE, South Africa. ok well this is the view from our lounge area. not bad huh?

right now at this point in time we have a roof, windows, doors, and electricity. (getting there)
as usual its taking longer than expected, but everyday we are getting closer and closer to moving in.

this blog was made to document our journey, we are literally building this house piece by piece, little money and as much DIY as we can manage.

look forward to reading your comments and having you stop in. 

enjoy the show



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