Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Great Deals in SA

i recently have fallen inlove with online shopping - im not sure if this is a good or bad thing - but im loving it! and the place that is giving me the best deals around at the moment CITY MOB. everyday they load new and different products.

here is the link - click, sign up and enjoy! CITY MOB

A {DIY} Christmas Star

I saw this project a little while ago on Pinterest- and can't seem to find it anymore to give credit where it's due! But here it is- Simple and CHEAP! Just to add a little bit off flavour to your mantle piece, or serving table.

What you need:

• 5 pieces of 90cm thin poles I timber
/wood- really it is up to you if you would like the star small or big- all depends on what you have in mind for your space.

• ribbon - 5 pieces of white and 5 red. I used organza but this, once again is up to you.

• Paint- if you would like to paint your wood go ahead- I used Plascon, Plaster. Once again this is up to you and your creative mind what you would like to use.

•Fairy Lights- makes a huge impact, unfortunately I made this at work and never had fairy lights with me.

Simply place the sticks in a star shape and tie the red organza around the outer points - where the wood meet each other and the white along the inside points so it's less visible. And TA DAAA! There is your Christmas star - awaiting its fairy lights

Monday, 19 November 2012

keep an eye out...

Tomorrow i will upload our first DIY project - think boring old tables turned FUN and BRIGHT!


Thursday, 15 November 2012


OK now there is nothing better than receiving parcels in your mailbox - and this one i didn't even have to wait longer than a week for! (yeehaa) presenting STICKYGRAM

Now if you anything like me, i LOVE to take photos - capturing those little moments, especially since becoming a mom. And whats better than taking photos? "Instagraming" them of course - yet i sit and look at hundreds of photos i have taken on my phone and yes, i can upload them to Facebook, or make them a wallpaper on your phone, but you know what they say.... Its not a photo until you print it! And lucky for me i came across Stickygram they print your Instagram photos on magnets for your fridge! how awesome is that! makes me all giddy with excitement! with Free international postage (which is always a bonus for us South Africans) it only cost me R130/$14.99 for 9 magnets. here is a sneak peek:

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Our European Adventure

So back in July I was given the opportunity of a lifetime, to go compete in the World Championship Long Distance Triathlon in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. This was one of the highlights of my year. the course was made up of a 4km swim,120km bike ride and 30km run. I was only racing as an age grouper for South Africa but to race on the same course as some of the best triathletes the world has to offer was an amazing experience. here are a few pics of our race.

 The South Africans with some Awesome USA team members (how cool is their kit)

 on our way to the start - yes that's me waving
 morning of the race! Jordy is hiding behind the SA flag. He was the only little one travelling with us and all the ladies loved him, probably from missing their own kiddies at home. he became our team mascot, this was only half the team as everyone else was already at the start.

Instead of going all the way there for 6 days we decided to turn it into a holiday and to make Jordy's first overseas experience a memorable one. 3 weeks, 8 cities, 3 countries, 56 hours of travel and it was our best holiday ever! this is how it went - PE - JHB - Istanbul - Bilboa - Vitoria-Gasteiz - San Sebastian - Hendaye - Paris - Milan - Florence - Rome/Fiumicino

Any form of travel there is - we travelled it! and what makes it even better is our boy is a natural at being on the move! here are just a few pics of our travels - i took over 1000 pictures and there is no way i can upload them all!

 All packed and ready to go - obviously we were travelling with my bike,  a baby, (and all that comes with taking a baby on holiday, pram etc) and one big bag for all our clothes (don't ask how i managed to fit all our clothes into 1 bag - i did LOTS of research on packing)
 this is in Vitoria-Gasteiz - the Green Capital of Europe. coming from a cold South African winter to a beautifully hot Spanish summer had lifted every ones spirits.
 Jordy and his little Senorita -melts my heart! holding hands ahhh...
 we eventually had to make another plan as picking the pram up over all the stairs in the metro in Paris was literally back breaking work! so we found this! Jordy loved it and it was much easier to carry around (well for me at least)
 my absolute favourite Picture of our camera was on self timer and resting on the pram.
 Jordy and I in San Sebastian. I highly recommend this beautiful little town! our favourite stop.
and my little man tossing his coin in the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

Before we left - people were asking how are you going to travel with a one year old - quite frankly i didn't know - i was so nervous about taking him with but my darling husband wouldn't have it any other way. He either came with or there was no holiday. Looking back now, our holiday wouldn't have been the same without him. He made it worthwhile and so much fun!



The Layout

So after a few meetings with the architect back in May we came up with our plans and they look like this.

There have been one or 2 changes we have made. i.e the stack away doors next to the kitchen having been moved out closer to the pool to create a larger entertainment area - PE is known for its wind so in hindsight we think this was the best move.

We are a very sporty family - with 5 bicycles between my husband and myself, nevermind ther contraptions to tow our son along - we needed space for all this. So the garage is not a standard size double garage it is much wider on the sides for this reason.

happy viewing


About us

At the beginning of 2011 I recieved news that would change my life forever. my then boyfriend and i (ooh naughty naughty) were expecting our first child.

We then went on to becoming engaged and planning our dream wedding in 5 short weeks(more on that in a later post) and honeymooning in the beautiful Mauritius for 8 days before we welcomed a perfect baby boy by the name of Jordan Victor Smith who arrived on the 5 of July at 8:18am weighing a tiny 2.84kg, 10 fingers, 10 toes and and a pair of the most beautiful blue eyes.

right there and then i could safely say my life was complete, i had married the love of my life and given birth to an angel.and now we are busy fulfilling another aspect of our lives - something that iv always wanted to do. build a home.

So July 2012 thats just what we set out to do. With much excitement,anticipation and Faith we started building our home with MINIMAL finances.

About 5 or so years ago my husband, along with his brother and father bought this beautiful piece of land in PE, South Africa. ok well this is the view from our lounge area. not bad huh?

right now at this point in time we have a roof, windows, doors, and electricity. (getting there)
as usual its taking longer than expected, but everyday we are getting closer and closer to moving in.

this blog was made to document our journey, we are literally building this house piece by piece, little money and as much DIY as we can manage.

look forward to reading your comments and having you stop in. 

enjoy the show