Thursday, 15 November 2012


OK now there is nothing better than receiving parcels in your mailbox - and this one i didn't even have to wait longer than a week for! (yeehaa) presenting STICKYGRAM

Now if you anything like me, i LOVE to take photos - capturing those little moments, especially since becoming a mom. And whats better than taking photos? "Instagraming" them of course - yet i sit and look at hundreds of photos i have taken on my phone and yes, i can upload them to Facebook, or make them a wallpaper on your phone, but you know what they say.... Its not a photo until you print it! And lucky for me i came across Stickygram they print your Instagram photos on magnets for your fridge! how awesome is that! makes me all giddy with excitement! with Free international postage (which is always a bonus for us South Africans) it only cost me R130/$14.99 for 9 magnets. here is a sneak peek:

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